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Tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.


Whether you’ve been married for only a few months or married for decades, at J.Cha & Associates we tailor our services and create a strategy that best fits your needs. Every marriage is unique and it's our job is to help you to obtain the results that will help you achieve your goals and shape your future and ability to move forward.


Child custody and visitation becomes an issue when parents are not able to agree on what type of custodial arrangement is in the best interest of their child when they are no longer together. At J.Cha & Associates, we understand the importance of maintaining the parent-child relationship and we work closely with our clients to help amicable solutions with the other parent whenever possible.  


Child support is the amount of money that a court orders a parent or both parents to pay every month to help pay for their child's living expenses. California state law says that every parent has a duty to financially support his or her child. Child support is payable until the child turns 18 years old, but if the child is still in high school at 18 years of age, until the child turns 19 years old in high school. 


When a couple legally separates or divorces, the court may order one spouse or domestic partner to pay the other a certain amount of support money each month- this is often referred to as spousal support, partner support, or alimony. A judge must consider many factors in to determine what each spouse or partner can earn to keep a standard of living close to what they each had during the marriage or partnership. The goal of spousal or partner support is that the spouse or partner getting support will be able to support himself or herself within a reasonable period of time. Spousal support is often a critical issue in a divorce and at J.Cha & Associates we know the complexities of how spousal support is calculated. We work closely with our clients (and financial and vocational experts if necessary) to put them on a secure financial path regardless of whether they are the receivers or payors of support.


California is a community property state, which means that a husband and wife own and owe everything acquired during marriage equally regardless of who earned it or who spent it, so long as it is not a gift or inheritance. Anything acquired before marriage and after separation are presumed to be separate property, and dates are often critical when determining what is separate property or community property. Often times dates and sources of funds are critical in determining who is responsible for what. At J.Cha & Associates, we are experienced in handling the division of assets and debts and can advise you on what to expect. 


High asset divorce cases typically involve a large amount of property and frequently present unusual or challenging issues. We understand that your high asset divorce matter may take more time, be more complex and require aggressive and diligent representation to ensure your interests are protected. Whether you are an executive, a business owner, self-employed, a professional athlete, have an extensive investment portfolio, have a complicated family trust, or a combination of some or all of the above, we have the experience in these matters to help you protect your assets. At J.Cha & Associates, we are experienced in dealing with issues of business valuation, forensic accounting, hidden assets, stock options and deferred compensation and self-employed perquisites. 

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